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itDJ - iTunes DJ Software for Mac

itDJ takes your music to the next level. Create custom remixes, apply professional effects, and even record and stream your music online.

Life-like DJ Controls.

itDJ's controls look and feel like an actual DJ deck. Realistic jog wheels allow users to scratch and beat juggle like you would on a physical turntable. Give your music some character with pre-loaded samples, or give it a more personal touch and upload your own. The slider control bar allows the speed and beats per minute (BPM) to be controlled manually and the crossfading feature ensures that the transition from one song to the next is smooth.

Keep the Beat with Beat Detection.

We made it easy to keep the beats of your favorite tracks lined up. itDJ uses automatic beat detection to find the BPM for all of your music. Use the sync feature to slow or speed playback and seamlessly crossfade from one track to the next. itDJ even enables you to prevent distortion and ensure the pitch is stabilized with the pitch lock feature.

Keep it Fresh with Sound Effects.

With itDJ, it has never been easier to put your own unique spin on your music. Apply effects to individual tracks to create custom remixes. The easy-to-use, draggable controls make adjusting and toggling between effects effortless.

Let Auto DJ Take Over.

itDJ's Auto DJ allows you to enjoy your music without having to be tied to your computer. Queue your tracks and let Auto DJ do the rest. Enjoy your playlists as itDJ loads the next song for a flawless transition. Easily add songs to your queue by simply dragging them from your library.

Get started. Now.

The familiar user interface allows beginners to spend less time learning the ropes and more time enjoying their music. itDJ automatically loads your iTunes music and playlists, so they're there when you start. 3rd party deck compatibility and mic-in hardware support give you the freedom to choose your accessories. Users also have the ability to share their music with others by recording and broadcast their music online with Nicecast.


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